Solution To Snoring

If you’re like most Americans you
probably don’t get eight hours sleep each
But, if you also constantly feel exhausted,
experience headaches for no obvious
reason or have high blood pressure, you
could have a more serious problem.
That’s because these can all be the result
of snoring—which is, in turn, the most
common symptom of a potentially
serious health problem—obstructive
sleep apnea (OSA).
While most people think of snoring as a
minor annoyance, research shows it can
be hazardous to your health. That’s
because for over 18 million Americans
it’s related to obstructive sleep apnea
(OSA). People who suffer from OSA
repeatedly and unknowingly stop
breathing during the night due to a
complete or partial obstruction of their
airway. It occurs when the jaw, throat,
and tongue muscles relax, blocking the
airway used to breathe. The resulting
lack of oxygen can last for a minute or
longer, and occur hundreds of times each
Thankfully, most people wake when a
complete or partial obstruction occurs,
but it can leave you feeling completely
exhausted. OSA has also been linked to a
host of health problems including:
Acid reflux
Frequent nighttime urination
Memory loss
Heart attack
People over 35 are at higher risk.
OSA can be expensive to diagnosis and
treat, and is not always covered by
insurance. A sleep clinic will require an
overnight visit (up to $5,000). Doctors
then analyze the data and prescribe one
of several treatments. These may require
you to wear uncomfortable CPAP devices
that force air through your nose and
mouth while you sleep to keep your
airways open, and may even include
painful surgery.
Fortunately, there is now a comfortable,
far less costly and invasive treatment
option available. A recent case study
published by Eastern Virginia Medical
School’s Division of Sleep Medicine in the
Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
concludes that wearing a simple
chinstrap while you sleep can be an
effective treatment for OSA.
The chin strap, which is now available
from a company called
MySnoringSolution, works by supporting
the lower jaw and tongue, preventing
obstruction of the airway. It’s a made
from a high-tech, lightweight, and super-
comfortable material. Thousands of
people have used the MySnoringSolution
chinstrap to help relieve their snoring
symptoms, and they report better
sleeping, and better health overall
because of it.
An effective snoring solution for just
The “My Snoring Solution” Chinstrap is
available exclusively from the company’s
website which is currently offering a
limited time “2 for 1” offer. The product
also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction
If you want to stop snoring once and for
all, without expensive CPAP devices or
other intrusive devices, this may be the
solution you’ve been waiting for. The
free additional strap is great for travel or
as a gift for a fellow sufferer.
Best of all, this product comes with an
unconditional 90 day money back

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Five Steps to Cleaning Your Face and Helping Stop Acne

Acne strikes people from adolescence
through middle age, and while there isn’t
a cure for pimples, zits and blackheads,
they can be controlled.
The problem? Most people don’t properly
wash their face. They either over-
exfoliate with harsh scrubbing, or dry it
out using extreme cleansing soaps— both
of which cause the face to
overcompensate and produce even more
oil, which in turn can clog pores. This
creates an unending cycle that can cause
long-term skin damage and premature
aging lines.
Fortunately there is a much gentler way
to properly clean the skin in five simple
1. Wash your hands with antibacterial
soap so that you don’t transfer acne-
causing bacteria to your face.
2. Splash lukewarm water on your face to
prep the skin for cleansing. Hot water
can damage the skin and cause your face
to begin oil production.
3. Use a cleanser that’s specifically
designed for faces and unclogging pores.
Clogged pores are what keep your skin’s
oil from reaching the surface, which not
only causes blackheads and pimples but
also dries out your face.
One of the top skin cleansers also comes
from one of the most trusted names in
acne treatment: Proactiv® Blackhead
Dissolving Gel.
Proactiv® Blackhead Dissolving Gel uses
Salicylic Acid to help keep pores clear,
reducing blockage and helping prevent
new breakouts from forming. It also
contains Lactic Acid, which is gentle and
helps exfoliate dead skin cells and absorb
excess oil. This not only helps keep pores
clear, but also helps them appear smaller
so that skin looks smoother. Finally, Shea
Butter, which is rich with Omega-6 and
Omega-9 essential fatty acids, as well as
Aloe Vera and Bisabolol help soothe the
skin and protect it from dehydrating.
These combined ingredients can help
break the over-cleansing, acne-causing
cycle that plagues so many people.
4. Gently rub the cleanser into your skin,
moving fingers in a circular motion for
at least 30 seconds. Fingers usually work
better than loofahs or wash cloths that
can irritate the skin.
5. Cup cool water in your hands, lift it to
your face, and rinse. Do this several
times, then pat your face dry — don’t rub
it—with a soft towel.
While these steps seem simple, they
work, and the kind of cleanser you use is
definitely key to your success.
Proactiv® produces the number one acne
treatment system in America, and the
company has won numerous beauty and
skincare awards. They also invest every
year to formulate products that
effectively fight acne while still
protecting your skin.
The Proactiv® Blackhead Dissolving
Gel not only helps deep clean and
decongest pores, it helps clear blackheads
and pimples while absorbing excess oil
and removing dead skin cells. It’s
designed to leave your face glowing and
oil-free, soothe skin irritation, and give
skin a smoother, more hydrated look and
feel. When it comes to the battle against
acne, proper steps and the right cleanser
could make all the difference in the

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Snooki Writes Open Letter To Kate Middleton Offering Baby Advice

Snooki writes an open letter to the Duchess of
Cambridge, in which she reveals several things
to expect after the arrival of the royal baby.
Snooki penned an
open letter to Kate
Middleton to
share advice
about taking care
of a newborn
baby. The “Jersey
Shore” star, who
welcomed son
Lorenzo in
August 2012, gave
details of things
to do after a mother and her newborn baby
went back home.
“In the beginning, right when you take your
royal golden nugget home to the castle is the
most exciting experience of your life. I couldn’t
wait to wake up in the middle of the night to
take care of my little prince Lorenzo,” Snooki
said of her experience.
“But that lasts for about a few days. Then it’s
like, ‘I love you but OMG stop crying! I’m
exhausted.’ The lack of sleep you will get used
to – just do your makeup, put a tiara on, and
you’ll look beautiful as usual,” she added.
Snooki also said that babies would calm down
when their mother sang to them.
“When I sing to my booger, he calms down and
stares at me like he’s in love, which makes me
feel amazing – or he’s just trying to tell me to
shut the hell up because I can’t sing,” she
jokingly said. The TV personality then playfully
suggested that the Duchess ask Elton John to
sing for her child.
She concluded, “I have no doubt that you will
be an amazing mom, but talking to other moms
helps, especially being a new mommy. I think
we can now add Goddess to your list of titles.”
Kate Middleton is due to give birth on July 14.
Kensington Palace announced on Tuesday, July
9, that the royal baby would officially be called
His Royal Highness Prince (name) of
Cambridge if it’s a boy or Her Royal Highness
Princess (name) of Cambridge if it’s a girl.



A young Czech mother has reportedly defied the odds, becoming the first person in her nation to conceive quintuplets without using IVF. Alexandra Kinova, 23, is booked in to give birth by Caesarean section in a Prague hospital on Sunday, the Daily Mail reports.

The mother of one only discovered she was due to give birth to five children last month.
Ms Kinova was initially told she was pregnant with twins, but after a hospital visit in March doctors told her she was carrying four children.
Last month an ultrasound revealed the presence of a fifth child.
“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” she said.
Doctors have been unable to tell Ms Kinova the gender of all of her children because three of her babies are blocking a clear view of the other two.
“I very much look forward to seeing how they will look.
It’s a great charm, but we cannot see anything properly – only a head or legs,” she said.
The mother only knows that she has two boys and a girl, which she plans to name Daniel, Michael and Tereza.
Ms Kinova said that both she and her partner have a family history of conceiving twins.
The 23-year-old said her pregnancy had been largely trouble-free, except for morning sickness during the first four months.
She plans to breastfeed as many of her children as she can but understands “that some will be on artificial nutrition.”


The odds of conceiving quintuplets naturally is one in several million, according to Dr Wright Bates, from the University of Alabama.

He told ABC News that quins are ‘exceedingly rare.’

Dr Bates said twins are born in up to one in every 100 births, while triplets are one in every 7,000 to 10,000 births.

Naturally conceived quadruplets are born in every one in 600,000 births.

The first recorded set of quintuplets known to have all survived were the Dionne sisters, who were born in Ontario, Canada.

Fewer than 10 sets of quintuplets are born every year in the United States.

Last month, Guillermina and Fernando Garcia had five babies – three girls and two boys – who weighed between 2 to 3 pounds each at the University of Utah hospital in Salt Lake City for another six weeks.

In 2010, British mother Vicky Lamb had four girls and two boys after taking a fertility drug but sadly one of the babies died.


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Andrew Wardle

Andrew Wardle

Andrew Wardle ,39, staylybrigde  greater Manchester,a British security guard,was born with his bladder outside his body,was put back inside surgically,still didn’t have a penis.Andrew Wardle; “Things like having sex and having a family which many people take for granted could actually be a possibility”. He is to undergo three surgical operation:Starting with trying to fold a flap of him skin from his arm along with all his blood vessels and nerves into a tube to put onto his pubic area.Then he will be fitted with a pump-operated implant so he can urinate and have sex.Andrew  claims that he’s had several sexual relations with over 10o women but his lack of penis put them off with him getting punched in the face or getting cheated on.This has resulted in attempting suicide and turning to drugs.His sister had to go see his childhood doctor for advice who in turn told her about the new procedure. Andrew has decided to go for the procedure.HOPE IT WORKS OUT FOR HIM.