Kris Jenner Regrets Divorcing Robert Kardashian Amidst Bruce Jenner Split

The Kardashian matriarch says if there was
one thing she wanted to change, it would be
her divorce from her first husband.
Although she has just split from Bruce Jenner, Kris Jenner reveals in
a new magazine interview that it
was her first husband Robert
Kardashian who was the one who
got away. “The one regret, if I had
to do it over, would be
divorcing Robert Kardashian,” she opens up in
the newest issue of new you magazine. The 57-year-old momager then quickly adds,
“But then there wouldn’t have been Kendall
and Kylie, so that’s the way I look at it,”
referring to her two teen daughters with
Bruce. “Everything happens for a reason, and
we learn from our mistakes. I thought I was so
smart when I was young; I was fearless,” she
explains to the mag.
When talking about her children with Robert,
Kris says she sees either herself or her late ex
in all of them. “Khloe is exactly how I am in the
way she likes to nest and cook; the way she is
with everything in her home – even the way
she makes a bed and sets a table,” she gushes
of her daughter who is also facing marital
woes with her husband Lamar Odom.
Of new mom Kim Kardashian, she says, “Our
personalities are very much alike.” Her son
Rob Kardashian, meanwhile, “is identical to his
father, Robert – they look alike, act alike and
have the same mannerisms.” She adds, “It’s
an amazing reminder of what an amazing dad
Robert was. He was a great husband and a
good person.”
Kris and Bruce confirmed separation after 22
years of marriage. They have lived apart for
about a year but no divorce paper is filed so
far. If they decide to go to court, it could
potentially be a messy battle. The “Keeping Up
with the Kardashians” couple is reportedly
worth of $125M, but they never signed a



Trayvon Martin Shooting Inspiring Law & Order: SVU Episode? See the First Look Pics

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has always featured
episodes ripped straight from the world’s most
controversial headlines and it looks like this hot-button
tradition will continue in the drama’s 15th season.
The NBC procedural is currently filming an episode that
looks to be inspired by one of the biggest and most
controversial legal stories of the year: the shooting of
Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman.
Based on these photos snapped on the set Tuesday,
SVU is taking on the case that both polarized and
outraged the nation.
According to the Daily Mail, Cybill Shepard has been
tasked to play a vigilante-like character who killed a
black teenager named Mehcad. Arrested
Development’s Jeffrey Tambor is playing her lawyer,
and the scene filmed yesterday involved a protest very
much like the ones held during Zimmerman’s trial in
July. Extras can be seen holding signs almost identical
to the ones created to mourn Trayvon Martin.
Castmembers Ice-T, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer
and Raul Esparza were also filming at the protest
scenes. The episode is allegedly titled “American
When asked if this episode was in fact based on the
Trayvon Martin case, NBC would only say: “SVU is
This is not the first time SVU has tackled mainstream
cases. Last season, the series aired an
episode featuring a hip-hop star named Caleb
Bryant accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend
Micha, who is also a famous singer. Sound familiar?
The new season of Law & Order: SVU premieres Sept.
25 on NBC.

DMX Arrested in South carolina Over marijuana possession

An illegal U-turn by the rapper’s truck and a
warrant for driving under suspension
prompted the arrest on Tuesday, August 20.
Following his arrest
late last month in
South Carolina under
suspicions of driving
under the influence
and driving without a
license, hip-hop artist
and actor DMX was
again apprehended
by police late
Tuesday, August 20 in
his home state. The
42-year-old rapper’s
outstanding warrant
stemming from this recent case was one of the
grounds for the police to take him into
custody, his third time to make a visit to jail
this year.
The arrest was made after the truck that he
was riding was stopped by authorities in the
city of Greer for making an illegal U-turn and
the police realized that he had a warrant out
for driving under suspension. They also found
marijuana in the vehicle, for which he and the
truck’s driver Anita Shalawn Rhodes were both
charged with simple possession.
“Though officers pulled them over for a minor
traffic violation, DMX was asked to step
outside so they can search the vehicle. Officers
then claimed that they found bags of
marijuana in the floorboard and arrested,”
DMX’s rep stated, which made the MC “very
aggressive with his words and was making
multiple idle threats.”
The MC was then brought to Greer County jail,
but was shortly released the following morning
and is now back at his home in South Carolina
where he is reportedly under house arrest.
This most recent incident is his third driving-
related arrest this year, committed after
previous multiple offenses that ranged from
speeding to animal cruelty.

Kanye West Sued by Injured Paparazzo Over LAX Camera Scuffle

Daniel Ramos, a paparazzo who claims that
West put him on crutches, says that he is
suing the rapper because he doesn’t ‘want
what happened to me to happen to anyone else’.
Daniel Ramos, a
photographer who was
involved in a camera
scuffle with Kanye West
at LAX in July, has filed
an assault and battery
lawsuit against the
“Black Skinhead” rapper.
Accompanied by his
attorney Gloria Allred,
Ramos spoke to reporters
in a press conference on
Wednesday, August 21.
During the press
conference, Ramos claimed that West’s action
caused injury to his leg. He apparently was
forced to use crutches for two weeks following
the incident and is using cane. “He’s still in
pain,” Allred added, as quoted by Wenn.
The high-profile attorney also revealed in the
Wednesday event that she alerted West’s
attorney, saying that her client sued the
rapper for assault, battery and interference
with his civil rights. “It will be important for
Kanye to apologize. That would be a start…
Kanye needs to do the right thing,” she
Speaking of his reason to sue, Ramos said, “I
was just trying to do my job. I don’t want what
happened to me to happen to anyone else.”
Ramos’ attorney also filed restraining order
against the rapper.
West was passing through a crowd of
photographers who waited for him at Los
Angeles International Airport when the
incident happened back on July 19. A video
obtained by TMZ shows the rapper turned to
one of the photographers and said, “What
you’re trying to do is get me in trouble, so I
step out and have to pay you like $250,000,”
before wrestling Ramos.
Last week, the L.A. County district attorney’s
office decided not to file a felony charge.
However, the case was referred to the city
attorney who could file misdemeanor charge.

Beyoncé’s Hair Gets Stuck in a Fan

Beyoncé’ is used to fans cheering, screaming,
even fainting in her presence. But sucking in her
hair and refusing to let it go? That was a first.
Fortunately the fan that took hold of Queen Bey’s
tresses onstage during Monday’s Mrs. Carter Tour
show in Montreal was an actual wind-blowing
device, not a rabid concertgoer. But being the
consummate professional that she is, Jay Z’s love
kept right on singing “Halo” while her security
guards attempted to untangle her locks and free
But Blue Ivy’s mama wasn’t thrown by what
could’ve been a sucky situation–she actually
thought it was pretty funny! She posted an
Instagram video that showed her singing from
the audience pit, unable to move due to the
supersized fan’s strong hold on her curls.
She also good-naturedly Instagrammed a cue
sheet with reworked “Halo” lyrics that took the
incident into account, saying, “Gravity can’t
begiiiiiin to pull me out of the fan again/ I felt my
hair was YANKIIIIIIIN / From the fan that’s
always hatiiiiiiin.”
So the next time you get caught up in the blades
of a fan–or any situation, really, that you
seemingly can’t escape–just remember to act like
Queen Bey: Keep on doing your thing, accept
help from others, move forward and laugh it off.


Forbes List Of Highest Earning US Celebrities Under ’30’

Forbes released their annual ‘list of
top-earning celebrities ‘under 30’ and Lady
Gaga topped the list. Forbes calculated their
earnings between June 2012 and June 2013. See
the top 10 below…
1. Lady Gaga (age 27) $80 million
2. Justin Bieber (age 19) $58 million
3. Taylor Swift (age 23) $55 million
4. Calvin Harris (age 29) $46 million
5.Rihanna (age 25) $43 million
6. Katy Perry (age 28) $39 million
7. Jennifer Lawrence (age 22) $26 million
8. Adele (age 25) $25 million
9. Kristen Stewart (age 23) $22 million
10.Taylor Lautner (age 21) $22 million

Kanye West Expresses Outrage Over ‘Black Skinhead’ Video Leak

Yeezy pleads with online media to take down
the unfinished version and promises to release
the official one ‘within the next week.’
Kanye West is furious
when finding out
Tuesday that a music
video for his latest
single “Black Skinhead”
was released
prematurely without his
consent. The outspoken
rapper vented his
frustration on Twitter.
video that leaked
yesterday was not the
official version,” the rap
mogul began. “Me and
Nick Knight have been
working on this video
for 5 months and for
creatives it’s heartbreaking when something
like this happens.”
He asks online media to please remove it with
a promise to premiere the official one soon.
“The final version will be ready within the next
week,” he explained, “So any website that may
have the unapproved / unfinished ruff. I ask
you to please take it down.”
“Allow me and Nick to give the world what
we’ve been losing sleep over,” he added, before
concluding, “And to who ever leaked the
video… F**K YOU!”
The said video surfaced Monday, July 8.
Featuring CGI effects, it shows a shirtless Yeezy
in animated form roaming in a very dark space.
It also shows howling wolves and spiked
hoods first seen during his “Saturday Night
Live” appearance on a couple of months back
when he first debuted the track.

Stacy Keibler Breaks Up With George Clooney Over the Phone

The former ‘7th Heaven’ star reportedly doesn’t
want to have a long-distance relationship with
the ‘Ocean’s 13’ actor, who is currently working
on his new movie in Germany.
Stacy Keibler broke up
with George Clooney
over the phone, TMZ
reported. Sources told
the site that the
couple was thousands
of miles apart when
they decided to end
the two-year-old
relationship. Keibler
was in L.A. to work on
her new TV show
while Clooney was in
Germany for his new
Clooney, who has
been in Berlin for
three months, is
required to stay in the city until December,
while Keibler doesn’t think a long-distance
relationship will work. A source told the site,
“Both sides realized there is no way to have a
relationship when you don’t see each other.”
The site also said that both Keibler and Clooney
agreed that parting ways was the best choice. A
source said that Clooney handled the split like
a gentleman, saying, “He was very respectful,
adult about the situation … he reminded Stacey
that they were friends before they dated and
wants to be friends after.”
Previously, rumor suggested that the pair split
because Keibler wanted to start a family with
the 52-year-old actor, who has been known for
avoiding having commitment with every girl
he dates.

Man Arrested For Threatening Taylor Swift

A 28-year-old man is caught during Taylor’s
concert in Pittsburgh after he allegedly made
death threats against the ‘Love Story’ singer and
brought ‘Taylor Swift is with Satan’ sign to the
gig.A crazed fan of Taylor
Swift was arrested
after he allegedly
made death threats on
Facebook and calling
the singer “Satan”
during a Pittsburgh
concert. KDKA
reported that 28-year-
old Joseph Jackson
was caught on his seat
at Taylor’s gig at Heinz
Field on Saturday, July
“Taylor Swift must
perish and die,” he
allegedly wrote on
Facebook. Another Facebook post read, “I luv
you Taylor.” Joseph later attended the concert
at Heinz Field and brought several posters with
him. One of the signs read, “Taylor Swift is
with Satan.” The police arrested him after
receiving notification from the singer’s security
team.Joseph reportedly became agitated when police
attempted to arrest him. “Taylor Swift is Satan
and that 6,000 years is six days and death comes
on the sixth day, so Taylor Swift is in danger,”
he said. Joseph is currently held in the
Allegheny County Jail on trespassing and
resisting arrest charges. He will undergo a
complete mental evaluation before appearing
in front of judge.
In May, a man was taken into custody after he
confessed that he swam to Taylor’s property in
Rhode Island. The obsessed fan, who got out of
the water about 1 mile from Taylor’s beach
house, said that he wanted to see his beloved
singer. He, however, decided to swim back
after seeing her security team.

Snooki Writes Open Letter To Kate Middleton Offering Baby Advice

Snooki writes an open letter to the Duchess of
Cambridge, in which she reveals several things
to expect after the arrival of the royal baby.
Snooki penned an
open letter to Kate
Middleton to
share advice
about taking care
of a newborn
baby. The “Jersey
Shore” star, who
welcomed son
Lorenzo in
August 2012, gave
details of things
to do after a mother and her newborn baby
went back home.
“In the beginning, right when you take your
royal golden nugget home to the castle is the
most exciting experience of your life. I couldn’t
wait to wake up in the middle of the night to
take care of my little prince Lorenzo,” Snooki
said of her experience.
“But that lasts for about a few days. Then it’s
like, ‘I love you but OMG stop crying! I’m
exhausted.’ The lack of sleep you will get used
to – just do your makeup, put a tiara on, and
you’ll look beautiful as usual,” she added.
Snooki also said that babies would calm down
when their mother sang to them.
“When I sing to my booger, he calms down and
stares at me like he’s in love, which makes me
feel amazing – or he’s just trying to tell me to
shut the hell up because I can’t sing,” she
jokingly said. The TV personality then playfully
suggested that the Duchess ask Elton John to
sing for her child.
She concluded, “I have no doubt that you will
be an amazing mom, but talking to other moms
helps, especially being a new mommy. I think
we can now add Goddess to your list of titles.”
Kate Middleton is due to give birth on July 14.
Kensington Palace announced on Tuesday, July
9, that the royal baby would officially be called
His Royal Highness Prince (name) of
Cambridge if it’s a boy or Her Royal Highness
Princess (name) of Cambridge if it’s a girl.