DMX Arrested in South carolina Over marijuana possession

An illegal U-turn by the rapper’s truck and a
warrant for driving under suspension
prompted the arrest on Tuesday, August 20.
Following his arrest
late last month in
South Carolina under
suspicions of driving
under the influence
and driving without a
license, hip-hop artist
and actor DMX was
again apprehended
by police late
Tuesday, August 20 in
his home state. The
42-year-old rapper’s
outstanding warrant
stemming from this recent case was one of the
grounds for the police to take him into
custody, his third time to make a visit to jail
this year.
The arrest was made after the truck that he
was riding was stopped by authorities in the
city of Greer for making an illegal U-turn and
the police realized that he had a warrant out
for driving under suspension. They also found
marijuana in the vehicle, for which he and the
truck’s driver Anita Shalawn Rhodes were both
charged with simple possession.
“Though officers pulled them over for a minor
traffic violation, DMX was asked to step
outside so they can search the vehicle. Officers
then claimed that they found bags of
marijuana in the floorboard and arrested,”
DMX’s rep stated, which made the MC “very
aggressive with his words and was making
multiple idle threats.”
The MC was then brought to Greer County jail,
but was shortly released the following morning
and is now back at his home in South Carolina
where he is reportedly under house arrest.
This most recent incident is his third driving-
related arrest this year, committed after
previous multiple offenses that ranged from
speeding to animal cruelty.