A Tribute to Beck: The Girl Who Believed In Miracles

The Perks of Having Cancer!


I first met Beck when she strolled into my office at Marystown Central High School to have a chat.  While I have met hundreds of students over the years, something about this girl stood out to me.  She seemed like an old soul in a young body; possessing far too much wisdom for a 17 year old.   Later I heard that Beck had “hooked up” (as the young folks would say) with my cousin’s daughter, April, so essentially, she became part of my extended family.  I am not quite sure if it happened before or after she met the love of her life, but I do recall the horror I felt upon hearing the devastating news that she had cancer.   Even sadder than the diagnosis, was the realization that a medical error prevented her diagnosis from being shared for about a year; a time during which the cancer metastasized to…

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