Why Men Don’t Want to Get Married


Written By: Derrick Jaxn

ImageD. Wade has finally reached a multi-million dollar settlement with his ex-wife. The ex-wife who was arrested for attempting to abduct their children and then claimed to be homeless despite the (paid for)mansion, 4 cars, and $25,000 per month  she’s gotten from Wade since the two’s split. While claiming to be homeless, there just so happened to be a close friend of hers nearby with a home-made sign describing her homelessness to anyone who may have been curious. Right.

This arguing over who gets what is nothing new, but I find the consistency of post-marital money issues interesting being that pre-nuptial agreements are so frowned upon. That’s like a parent who sees other babies wetting their underwear but refuses to buy diapers for their own child for fear they might actually need them one day.

I know, not all women are like this. Most women are…

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