How to Qualify for Free 3G or 4G Wireless Internet

Wireless internet access has changed the
way most of us live. Whether it’s used on
a phone, tablet or laptop, this service lets
us shop, research, find our way when we
need direction, and stay connected with
one another — anytime, anywhere, just
by turning on our device.
The only problem? The monthly data
plan bill.
From AT&T to Verizon, wireless internet
providers know they’ve got us where it
hurts. Without them, we’re stuck in the
Internet dark ages, so they’re constantly
raising their prices, locking customers
into expensive plans they don’t need—
and making it almost impossible to get
out of an inconvenient plan without
paying a hefty fee— or sneaking in pricey
overage fees when we accidentally use
more data than we realize.
Most of us feel like we’ve got no choice in
the matter, but that assumption would be
wrong. FreedomPop is a new Los
Angeles-based startup that is offering
users free wireless internet access every
month—and guaranteeing 2GB free for
the first month upon sign up. There are
no strings attached and no contracts.
Whether you are eligible for 4G or living
in a 3G area, FreedomPop will give you
free Internet, a heavily discounted
hotspot, or USB dongle. You’ll also
receive great customer service to help
you through the process.
Putting things in perspective, estimates
say 500MB per month can power hours of
streaming music, thousands of photos
and Facebook posts, and approximately
23,000 emails. The service features
incredibly fast 3G and 4G internet speeds
(10x faster than 3G), no data caps or
throttling speeds, you can use it
anywhere, and there are no contracts or
cancelation fees.
FreedomPop also allows users to increase
their data plan—either by purchasing one
of their plans, or though free
promotional offers. For example, people
can earn up to up an additional 500MB
per month for every friend they refer,
which would give you 1GB of total data
100% free every month.
How It Works
Visit the FreedomPop website, enter your
zip code, and you’ll know if you qualify
for access. If so, you fill out your basic
address information, sign up, and they
ship you a device to get started.
FreedomPop also has devices that can
connect your iPhone or iPad to the
network without jailbreaking them. And
right now the company is giving new
users 2GB free wireless Internet for the
first month.
Industry response toward FreedomPop
has been incredibly positive, in part
because the company is backed by Skype
Founder Niklas Zennstom’s Atomico,
Mangrove Capital, and DCM. It’s been
covered by Bloomberg Businessweek,
The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNET and
more. And while there’s no way to
predict the future, FreedomPop looks to
become the next major player in this
highly competitive industry. Only this
time the consumer is coming out on top.