Beyoncé’s Hair Gets Stuck in a Fan

Beyoncé’ is used to fans cheering, screaming,
even fainting in her presence. But sucking in her
hair and refusing to let it go? That was a first.
Fortunately the fan that took hold of Queen Bey’s
tresses onstage during Monday’s Mrs. Carter Tour
show in Montreal was an actual wind-blowing
device, not a rabid concertgoer. But being the
consummate professional that she is, Jay Z’s love
kept right on singing “Halo” while her security
guards attempted to untangle her locks and free
But Blue Ivy’s mama wasn’t thrown by what
could’ve been a sucky situation–she actually
thought it was pretty funny! She posted an
Instagram video that showed her singing from
the audience pit, unable to move due to the
supersized fan’s strong hold on her curls.
She also good-naturedly Instagrammed a cue
sheet with reworked “Halo” lyrics that took the
incident into account, saying, “Gravity can’t
begiiiiiin to pull me out of the fan again/ I felt my
hair was YANKIIIIIIIN / From the fan that’s
always hatiiiiiiin.”
So the next time you get caught up in the blades
of a fan–or any situation, really, that you
seemingly can’t escape–just remember to act like
Queen Bey: Keep on doing your thing, accept
help from others, move forward and laugh it off.