So you think it’s a good idea to welcome refugees? Excuse me while I burst your bubble.


Let me be clear: I am in vehement agreement that Australia needs to show compassion to asylum seekers and meet its international obligations.

Now let me be real: Have you actually thought about what it would mean for Australia and its society if we did? Have you thought about what it would mean for you?

I live in Fairfield, an area of Sydney that you have to apologise for hailing from (if the person that you are speaking to has heard of it). I’ve long stopped hesitating to reveal where I live, but the rest of Sydney’s views on it haven’t changed. Fairfield and it’s neighbouring suburbs are rich in culture, low on socioeconomic status. We are an area that has grown because of the efforts of migrants, and we are home to many refugees who have either been granted asylum or are in the process of having their visas…

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