Open Letter to Drake and J. Cole

Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles

Dear Drake and J. Cole,

I’ll admit, I’m just a suburban mom. I’m not your target demographic, I know that. In fact, I’m not even a fan (I’m partial to Linkin Park). I wouldn’t be able to name one of your songs to save my life. But all of a sudden I’ve become all too familiar with your new song, Jodeci Freestyle.

My son is autistic. I go into his school every day and try to help the other children understand and accept him. My husband and I, we fight. We fight like hell to get the school to provide the supports our son needs. We fight our urge to dismiss other children as mean bullies, and instead look for opportunities to teach understanding and acceptance. But when you release a song like this, you are undoing all our efforts. Who will the kids be listening to, some kid’s…

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