Stacy Keibler Breaks Up With George Clooney Over the Phone

The former ‘7th Heaven’ star reportedly doesn’t
want to have a long-distance relationship with
the ‘Ocean’s 13’ actor, who is currently working
on his new movie in Germany.
Stacy Keibler broke up
with George Clooney
over the phone, TMZ
reported. Sources told
the site that the
couple was thousands
of miles apart when
they decided to end
the two-year-old
relationship. Keibler
was in L.A. to work on
her new TV show
while Clooney was in
Germany for his new
Clooney, who has
been in Berlin for
three months, is
required to stay in the city until December,
while Keibler doesn’t think a long-distance
relationship will work. A source told the site,
“Both sides realized there is no way to have a
relationship when you don’t see each other.”
The site also said that both Keibler and Clooney
agreed that parting ways was the best choice. A
source said that Clooney handled the split like
a gentleman, saying, “He was very respectful,
adult about the situation … he reminded Stacey
that they were friends before they dated and
wants to be friends after.”
Previously, rumor suggested that the pair split
because Keibler wanted to start a family with
the 52-year-old actor, who has been known for
avoiding having commitment with every girl
he dates.