Seth Vidal, creator of “yum” open source software, killed in bike accident off Hillandale Rd.

Seth Vidal, a long time Durham resident most well known for creating the “yum” software used by several Linux distributions, was killed in a hit and run accident last night near Hillandale golf course. He was 36 years old.

The accident apparently occurred after dark, when a driver swerved off the road to avoid traffic and ran into Seth’s bike from behind. Seth was pronounced dead after being transported to Duke University Hospital. The driver sped away, and police are requesting that people call in if they have any information on the suspect’s identity.

I had the privilege of meeting Seth a few times, and although I did not know him well I have been a long time user of his software and have always held him in the utmost regard. He developed yum initially at Duke University, and the software evolved to become an integral component of…

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