Jay Z Twitter Question and answer

The Hov commends Miley for creating
twerking dance craze, addresses question as to
why Kanye was missing in ‘Magna Carta… Holy
Grail’ and reveals his daughter’s favorite
football team.

ay-Z had a question
and answer session
with his devotees on
Twitter in the wake of
his new album release
“Magna Carta… Holy
Grail”. In addition to
talking about the
record, he answered
random questions
about Miley Cyrus and
her twerking
obsession which he

    mentioned in one of
    his new songs, his
    “Watch the Throne”
    partner Kanye West,
    and his daughter with
    Beyonce Knowles,
    Blue Ivy.
    “Miley is a GOD,” the rapper said, adding, “She
    represents an old worlds worst nightmare.
    Black neighbor,and the daughter not seeing
    color.” The pop star quickly responded, “Call it
    what you want. But I don’t see Mr. Carter
    shoutin any of you b*tches out” as some called
    his shout-out a diss by excluding the “god” part
    in his comment.
    Jay-Z approved Miley’s response as he
    retweeted it on his timeline. “Exactly right. I am
    an old worlds worst nightmare. #outwiththeold
    #inwiththenewnew,” added the “We Can’t Stop”
    hitmaker later.
    When another fan asked why Kanye was not
    on the “Holy Grail” album, Jay-Z replied, “Same
    question back to you on Yeezus? WTT2?” There
    were fans’ mixed reactions to his short reply.
    Some suggested he didn’t feature Kanye on his
    album after being excluded from “Yeezus”, but
    others saw it as a hint that the two big stars
    saved their reunion for the follow-up to
    “Watch the Throne” album.
    The first-time dad also opened up that Blue Ivy
    was a New York Giants fans. “I broke the cycle,”
    joked the rap mogul, who’s a Dallas Cowboys
    During the Q&A, Jay-Z said his favorite Britney
    Spears song was “Toxic”. He also loved “Human
    Nature” from Michael Jackson’s extensive
    catalogue and “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”
    from Prince’s discography.
    When asked to pick his favorite song from his
    new album, he chose “Oceans”. But he insisted
    his best song of all time was the Rick Rubin
    produced “99 Problems”. “[it’s] maybe top 1
    song ever.. Any genre..my opinion not a
    #factsonly,” he said.
    He also relayed the best business advice he
    received, “Don’t listen to anyone, everybody is
    scared.” He additionally opened up about his
    desire to buy back Roc-A-Fella, “You know I
    had to get that back! #factsonly.” He later
    signed off with greeting, “That was fun, Peace
    all #factsonly.”

    Source: AceShowbiz.com